Kybella Injections in NYC

Get rid of your double chin without surgery!

I have many patients who are bothered by their chin area or the fat under their chin. Many people think of that extra layer of fatty tissue under our chins as a sign of overindulgence.  While in some cases losing weight can often help to eliminate a double chin, not all people who have a double chin are overweight and sometimes, double chins are genetic. Sagging skin under the chin can also occur as we age and our skin loses elasticity.

Until recently, surgery with anesthesia was the only option for patients who wanted to get rid of their double chins. But all of that has changed with the introduction of Kybella. It’s a new FDA-approved injection, which contains a naturally occurring molecule that eats away at fat.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a fat-absorbing substance found in our bodies naturally. When injected, it destroys fat cells under the chin, leaving the skin substantially tighter and the jaw and chin area more contoured.

Unlike Botox, which yields results that last for up to six months in as few as four days, Kybella results are noticeable at four to six weeks and last for years, which means that touch-ups shouldn’t be needed. As for side effects, swelling and bruising may occur but usually fade within three days of treatment. It is also possible the treatment site may feel numb for up to three weeks.

Right now, only select doctors in New York are approved to administer Kybella to treat double chins. Not because it’s dangerous, but because it takes a trained eye and skilled hand to administer the injectable and pick the right patient. The best candidate is someone with good skin quality and a very distinct appearance of fat under the chin.

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